Tutorial written in PSP 9 and is rated easy

Right click the slat image below and save to your PC


Here are a few tile fills you can use for this tut, although any seamless tile will do :o)
Right click and save to your PC


In PSP, locate and load the slats image and a tile fill of your choice

Open a new image 600x600


Copy and paste the slats to new image (see pics below)

Now go to selections~select all

Then selections~float
You should now have "marching ants" round the slats

Click on foreground colour box (top box) in materials, then click on the "patterns" tab as shown below

Click on little arrow at side as shown, this will open the pattern menu. Then click on your loaded pattern.
It will show here as long as you have it loaded into psp workspace
Make sure that angle is set to 0 and scale is set to 100
Click ok

Using your flood fill tool,   click in each slat to fill with the pattern

Go to selections~select none

Now click on Effects~3D effects~inner bevel

And apply these settings

Now decorate your tagback with a tube and text
Or save as a png for future use

Here's another one I made using a different fill (snaggable)





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