This tutorial was written in PSP9 and is rated Easy/Beginner

In this tutorial we will learn how to:
 Use the blend mode to make a background effect
Use the inner bevel effect

Save this image and open in psp

Open a new image 450x450
Floodfill with black
Copy and paste the tulips to the black image and using the mover tool, move up slighty but not too near to the top.

Right click on raster 2 in your layer palette and choose duplicate
if you can't see the layer palette click F8

Click on raster 2 in layer palette to make it active and go to
Adjust/Blur/Guassian Blur and set it to 20, click ok

Now look to the right side of your layer palette where it says Normal

Now click the word Normal and choose Dissolve

Now look at the layer palette again, see the eye and the box that says 100? Move the slider in the box down to around 48

Your image should now look like this

Now click on copy of raster 2 in layer palette and go to Effects/3D effects/drop shadow and apply these settings, click ok

Now go to Image/Add Borders and use these settings, click ok

Using your magic wand

Click inside the border to make it active

Now we are going to add an inner bevel
Go to Effects/3D effects/inner bevel

And apply these settings, click ok

Go to Selections/select none
Now add your text and save your work!





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