This tut was written in PSP9 and Animation Shop and is rated easy to moderate depending on experience

This tutorial will show you how to add a noise effect to any part of an existing tag. In this tut I have added noise to the text part of a friend's tag, but you can add noise anywhere on a tag using the same method.

DBS Flux plugin filter, click on the zip icon to download

Unzip the filter and place in your plugins folder (before opening PSP)

Open your tag in PSP and if the tag is a jpg or png we need to convert it to a psp layer, like so:

Using the zoom tool, zoom in on the part of the tag you will be adding noise to. I zoomed in 6 times, just keep clicking on tag until you are comfy with size

Now click on the lasso tool

and use these settings

Carefully "draw" round each part of the tag you wish to add noise to. If you have more than one place keep the shift key depressed all the time until you are finished
As you complete each part, double click to join up

To zoom out, click on the zoom tool again

Then click on actual size, your tag will now return to normal size

To add the noise filter we need 3 layers, so right click layer 1 and duplicate, then repeat once more

You should now have 3 layers called raster/layer 1 and copy of raster/layer 1 x 2

Click on raster/layer 1 to make it active

Now go to effects/plugins/dbs flux/bright noise

And apply the following settings

Now click on copy of raster one and repeat the filter but hit the mix button twice

Click on last copy, repeat filter, but hit mix 3 times

Save as a psp file to your desktop. It's important to save as a psp file to keep the layers separate

Now let's animate!!

Open Animation Shop and click file/browse

Find the file you just saved and select it

Click on the animation button to see the animation in action and to check it's ok

Now go to file/save as and save as a gif

Hope you had fun with this!





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