This tut was written in PSP 7 (but should work with other versions) and assumes you have a working knowledge of the program

You can download my tube file with girl, lipstick and hearts
HERE or use your own tubes

Open new image 500x400 and flood fill with #4A3248 (Or colour picked from your own tube)

Go to effects/texture effects/blinds and apply the following settings:

Width 5 - Opacity 97 - colour #1A121A (or slightly darker colour than your fill) Horizontal ticked

Now open another new image 400x300 and flood fill with same colour as before, apply same blinds settings but this time untick the horizontal box

Copy and paste the smaller image into the larger one - it will automatically centre itself (you can now discard the smaller one)

Apply a drop shadow to the inner box with these settings:

V + H -2 - Opacity 55 - Blur 12.3

Repeat drop shadow but change V+H to 2

Layers/merge/merge visible

Selections/select all/selections/modify/contract by 6 Selections/invert, flood fill with #DDDCD9

Effects/noise/add 26% - Uniform

Your image should now look like this:

Using the tubes - resize the girl by 40% and the lipstick by 80%

Place the girl, lipstick and hearts tubes to your liking and add drop shadow (same settings as earlier) to the lipstick and girl (not the hearts)

Don't forget to add the artists copyright!

Choose a font and add your text

Save as jpeg and also as psp file for future template use

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

This tutorial was written by Kim, March 1st 2007 and in no way should be copied, distributed or sold
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
Girl tube used from artwork by
Ben Krefta


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