For this tutorial you will need:

Paint Shop Pro

Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures/animal fur

My Bear outline, bib, nappy, eyes and nose HERE

Minimize the bib/nappy/eyes/nose tube for now and work on the outline

Chose a light and dark colour that match.......I used dark blue #605781 (head, arms, legs and ears) and light blue (body, feetpads and inner ears) #b9b4cc. Whatever colour you are using at the time make sure it's loaded into your foreground box at the top

Activate the outline tube Open your layer palette (keep it open) and click on head layer to activate Take magic wand and click inside of head outline


Go to effects/plugin filters/alien skin eye candy 5 textures/animal fur and apply the settings shown in following screenshots




It should look like this


Now click on right arm in layer palette to activate and click inside with magic wand and apply same eye candy settings

Repeat for left arm, right and left legs and right and left ears, doing each individually

Your bear at this stage should look like this


Now click on muzzle in layer palette and click inside muzzle with wand again, apply same animal fur filter, but this time change your colour to light and hair length to 6 (see pic)



Use same colour for feet pads, inner ears and body but this time uncheck the box that says Draw outside selection (see pic)


Now to put it all together!

Drag all the pieces into place until they look like the shot below


In layer palette click on body layer

Maximise bib and nappy tube and click on nappy to activate. Copy and paste onto bear and move into position until you are happy with it

In layer palette click on right arm layer and copy and paste bib, move until you are happy with position

In layer palette click on muzzle layer. Copy and paste eye (twice) and nose and move into position

Your bear should now look something like this


Once you are happy with the positions of everything, hide the background layer and go to Layers/merge/merge visible

(Optional) Using black and paintbrush on size 1 draw line under nose and small square for mouth

Unhide background layer and save as psp file for future use

Now add some text and save as jpeg and show your baby Esse off!

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