Open a new image 200x200 and floodfill with white

Set your foreground colour to #404040

Using your paintbrush tool on size 1 zoom in a few times and follow the guide below to draw the outline of your duck (copy and paste outline pic into your psp if this is easier than going back and forth to this page)

All lines above 2 pixels are numbered


All done? Right let's colour him in!

Using your magic wand, click inside all areas of head and body (except feet and beak).

Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout and apply the following colours and settings and click ok


Now click inside top half of brolly and apply cutout with these settings and colours

Now click inside bottom half of brolly and use same cutout effect again

Now click with wand all areas of brolly handle and use the following cutout


Click inside all areas of feet and beak and apply following cutout


Recolour outline

this part is optional but I think it finishes it off and looks nicer

Set your background colour to #404040 and your foreground to#4E4866 and then using the colour replacer tool with the following settings....

....go round the edges of the brolly, don't worry about hitting the inside of the outline, the tool will only replace the black outline, no other colour, but take care you only replace the outside of brolly.

Now change your foreground colour to #FDD82D and using the colour replacer go round the edge of all the body area

Change colour again to #EB9705 and go round feet and beak, then change colour to 989292 and go round edge of handle

You may need to use your paintbrush at this point to touch up any overlaps made with colour replacer

Once you are happy with your work, use magic wand and click outside your duck and hit delete to erase white background

Save as png and also psp file for future use




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