Drawing in pixels can be a lot easier than you think!

Here are some tips to get you started

Use the paintbrush for drawing

With these settings


Always work black on white to begin with, it's easier on the eyes

Think small! Don't open a huge canvas to work on, you'll need to zoom in a lot so the smaller the canvas to start with, the better. I usually work on 200x200, unless what I'm drawing is really small, then I'll use 100x100

Flood fill your canvas with white, then add new layer to draw

For straight lines I always add a grid to guide me. Go to View/Grid to add grid then do same to delete it

Always work each part of your drawing on a new layer, this makes it easier if you want to reposition/change/delete anything

Straight lines cheat

If you need to draw a straight line, you don't need to drag your mouse across the paper, using your brush just draw your first pixel where your line starts, then holding down shift key, click where you want it to end and hey presto, the line is drawn for you!

This method also works with the eraser!



Drawing circles and curves

Below is a circle I drew, this is zoomed in about 4/5 times so you can see the pixels clearly

This is actual size below

Curves are just based on quarter or half circle depending on how much curve you want

So now you have the basics, go draw something!


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