The blast n blur filter from Toadies gives a nice background effect to your tags

This tutorial was written in PSP9 and is rated easy

Click on the zip file to download Toadies filters

Unzip and place the toadies folder in your plugins folder

Tortoise tube can be found HERE

Open your tortoise image in PSP

Now open a new image 600x600

Copy and paste the tortoise into new image

Go to image/resize

And use the settings below to resize

Now go to Adjust/blur/guassian blur

and apply this setting

Now go to Effects/plugins/Toadies/blast n blur

And apply these settings

Now copy and paste the original tortoise on top of the blast effect

Resize once more, but this time use these settings

Now apply drop shadow

Effects/3D effects/drop shadow with these settings

Add your text and © and save as PNG







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